Research and findings

OWNP Annual Report 2009EFY - Summary

This is the second integrated report for the OWNP and brings together data from the Ministries of Water, Health, Education and Finance, the Consolidated WaSH Account (CWA) group of donors and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on programme activities and impact in the 2009EFY period. 

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OneWaSH Baseline Report - Summary

The Baseline Report on the progress of the OneWash National Programme (OWNP) has established a range of key findings that will help to measure the effectiveness and sustainability of Consolidated WaSH Account (CWA) funded activities within the OWNP.

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2008EFY Annual OWNP Report - Summary

The report is the first integrated report on the OWNP and is based on a joint effort to collect data and report across four ministries, the Consolidated WaSH Account (CWA) group of donors, other donors, NGOs and a variety of secondary data sources that were available at the time of writing.

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